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    Witness and observe the culture and status of the United States embargo against Cuba and the development of current. Learn about Cuba’s history, including the 1965 Communist Revolution

  • Live Cuba

    Eat delicious, authentic local cuban food. Explore La Havana and beyond. Attend historic commemoration events in Havana

  • Network

    Meet with fellow American students studying in Cuba and join us as we meet with leaders and inspirational characters. Network with other passionate community activists and non-profit organizations facilitating Cuban cultural interchange

Places of Interest

  • Jazz Club Melia Cohiba Hotel
  • University of Havana
  • Plaza de la Revolucion
  • Hotel Nacional
  • Vinales Valley
  • Franciscoc Donatien Cigar Factory
  • Ernest Hemingway’s Farm, ‘Finca La Vigia’
  • San Jose Craft Market
  • Museum of the Revolution
  • Cathedral de la Havana
  • Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba

¬†¬†Cuba is like a prince in a poor man’s coat: behind the sometimes shabby facades, gold dust lingers. It’s these rich dichtomies that make travel here the exciting, exhhilirating roller-coaster ride it is. Trapped in a time warp and reeling from an economic embargo that has grated for more than half a centure, this is a country where you can wave goodbye to Western certanties and expect the unexpected…
– Lonely Planet Cuba

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I visited Cuba the first week of June 2016 and stayed in a small house in Nautico, near outer Havana. We explored around the city and ventured to inner Havana, out to Baracoa and Matanzas. Cuba is a different experience – a wonderful break from the traditional vacation spot and a great place to detach from the societal norm. Wonderful people, beautiful architecture, and a society so rich and proud it makes it hard to leave. […] If you want to experience the authentic side of Cuba – contact my friends and partner Natalie Rose y Jaan’Clement of In whatever way you would like, be it educational engagement (which they specialize in) or just a discovery or for business interest and more – they have the access and the people.
– Max Morgan, Student